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  • Breeding Knowledge

    Có thể cắt giảm hoặc thay thế vitamin E trong thức ăn chăn nuôi ?

    22 June | 2018

    Vitamin E có thể được thay thế hoặc tiết kiệm bằng cách sử dụng các chất chống oxy hóa khác, nhưng không bao giờ thay thế được hoàn toàn; bài viết này giải thích lý do vì sao vitamin E rất quan trọng đối với…

  • Breeding Knowledge

    6 bước trong lập công thức thức ăn chăn nuôi

    22 June | 2018

    Công thức thức ăn vẫn còn là một bí ẩn không chỉ đối với hầu hết sinh viên mới ra trường mà ngay cả đối với một số chuyên gia, những người đôi khi mới đụng chạm đến vấn đề này.



We believe that every single animal should receive the right level of vitamins. The reason is simple: vitamins are vital to their health, well-being and performance. Vitamins are the foundation for the balanced animal diet.

Vitamins are essential for wellbeing and good health. They play many crucial roles in farm animals, in areas including:

  • Bone formation
  • Disease resistance
  • Feed efficiency
  • Growth
  • Fertility
  • Egg production

Developed over 70 years, our ROVIMIX® range is an extensive choice of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins world wide, founded on our history and experience in the field.

What makes PREMIX-VITAMIN (DSM) so good?

We know that there are three attributes that define a vitamin additive that delivers:

  • Bioavailability – enhancing the use animals make of the vitamins and the benefits this brings
  • Stability – our vitamins are formulated to survive the processes used in feed manufacture so they are available to the animals eating the feed
  • Handling – our vitamins are produced to ensure efficient mixing and inclusion in feeds with minimal dust


It is crucial in farmed fish. Fish are unable to synthesize Vitamin , so it must be obtained through their diets. Vitamin  is needed for:

  • Growth and development
  • Reproduction
  • Wound healing
  • Resistance to disease and immune system strength

It has been developed specifically to meet the unique demands of aquaculture, ensuring outstanding bioavailability for all species.

The supplement is unaffected by the extrusion systems used to produce feeds for species such as salmon and trout. It also maintains high bioavailability in systems that use submerged feeds (such as shrimp production).

Whatever the fish species,  delivers exceptional bioavailability combined with proven cost-effectiveness.